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year on bumper?

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sup...on the first gallery, picture #2(baby blue truck), what year is that bumper?
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It looks like an older 4 Runner bumper. Not sure though.
It looks like the 95-97 tac bumpers. It's probably a first gen tac.
That's a 95-97 2wd bumper & valance. The 4wd bumper is similar but doesn't have the turn signals in the bumper but rather right below in the valance.
so this is a 95-97 2wd bumper with the bumper lights in the valance?
where can i find those bumpers to buy(or exact same one in the picture)? the bumper is the chrome and the valance is on the bottom right?
This is good thru Dec 18th.
Go here: <a target="_blank" href=></a>
Just add a little more info about that eBay seller:

This guy must have a BOAT-LOAD of Taco bumper/valence combos. I purchased a 95-97 4wd bumper/valence..from this same guy! The bumper arrived pretty quickly and in good condition. However, it DIDN'T come with any brackets, so I've been wrestling with trying to make it mount for a month or so now. :(

On that note: anybody have any side bumper mounts for a 95-97 2wd bumper? I'd like to give those brackets a shot..maybe they'll finally help me solve this.
can the 95-97, 2wd or 4x4 bumper and valance fit on a 98 2wd tacoma?
That's what I'm in the middle of trying to do: fit a 95-97 4x4 bumper/valence on a 99. Let me tell you: it's not as easy as it sounds. Since the bumper doesn't stick out as far as the 99's (diving platform), the bottom fo the fender keeps the new (old) bumper from fitting correctly. You'll need the 95-97 4wd front bumper mounts as well as side mounts from something(!?). I haven't figured out what side mounts will work yet..still working on that part.
No! I'm bidding on that bumper! Please don't bid, i need it cheap man! Please! Please! Please! I'm beggin ya man!
hey jeff..did you get to put the bumper on the 99 yet? if you did let me know how u did it and if it was hard?
No, I still haven't gotten it on. Really the only thing holding me up is getting some kind of side mounts for it. I emailed the guy and his wife that have the black x-cab Taco with the flames to ask how they did theirs and they said they had to make some custom side brackets. I'm going to try some 95-97 2wd side brackets and see if they fit. I hope so! I'll post on here when I get it done. And, as always, I'll take lots of photos of how I did it.
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