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Hello everyone.
just wanted to introduce myself. ive been surfing the fourms for a couple days but i didnt want to make my intro until i had a taco. and now i got mine.:waytogo:
its a black 98 regular cab. ill get some pics tommorrow. i must say even though ive only had the truck for around 6 hours i feel i made the right choice for my first car. truck has been real nice.

ohh quick question. im looking at putting a tach in. is there anything specific i should look for?i really like the ones used in the tutorials i just wanted to know what to look for when i go shopping.


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Welcome to CT!... :waytogo:

About the tach ... You can pretty much install any aftermarket tach unit you want, so the main issue will be what you think will look good ...

If you wanna have the 'cleanest' overall look, you can transplant a tach cluster from a same-generation Taco with the same number of cylinders.
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