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WTS/T: MTX RE-Q5 Bass Restoration Signal Processor

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I thought I was going to use it but I decided that I just want a couple Line Output Converters instead. This is used by the previous owner. I will get it on Tuesday and post some pictures of my own. I am looking to trade for a pair of 2-channel LOC like PAC SNI-15. I will also trade it for 3 sets of RCA's about 12' long each plus a couple 'Y' RCA connectors too.

Pic from owner will post mine with my name & date when I get it in hand:

Trades: (2) Line Output Converters, (3) at least 16' or longer RCA's, (2) RCA 'Y' adapters.

Price: $45 shipped or OBO.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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