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WTB: Bilstein 5100 fronts and rears for my 1999 Taco 4x4

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Hey guys,

I am trying to buy a set of Bilstein 5100 front and rears and they nowhere to be found. Everyone on back order.

fronts - BE5-C475-TO or BE5-C477-TO (Same struts one is RCD another is Bilstein part number)
rears - BE5-D559 and BE5-D560
(one left and one right)

Hoping to find someone how has a stash of them and want to sell :meemee:

Please let me know!

[email protected]

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Email down south motorsports and they can send you an email when they get a new shipment in. I waited about a week before they called me and shipped them out. They're great people to work with and have awesome prices.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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