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WTB 01-04 Front end parts

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Well im convinced and im upgrading to the 01-04 front end anyone have parts u wanna sell hook me up....i have cash
parts i would need...Grille, hood, corner lights,headlights and filler pieces..
i have cash so hook me up guys....
locally prefered and the smaller parts im willing to pay for shipping if the price is right....thanks guys
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I have a 2wd thanks once again guys
good looking out outkast but I already have a 4runner fatlip bumper on
hi have jdm all black corner lights


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Well not Jdm but how much do you want for them
i have a good driver side OE fender and an OE hood if you're willing to fix some dents on it.
got fenders just need th parts i wrote up...any pictures of the hood
Theres a guy on here with everything you need for the complete swap. He is loacted in New Jersy and idk if you would be willing to pay shipping.:shrug:

Also check out Mini Truck in Downtown San Diego they have allot of taco parts also.:waytogo:
thanks for the info:waytogo:
I have a white in in good condition but I want $200 for it.
If you're gonna shave the fenders I've got a grille I could sell you for $30 plus shipping
Still lookig guys..locally i have cash on hand and will pick up same day
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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