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Wiper Stalk interchangability Taco/4Runner

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Hi folks,

I have located a wiper control stalk with intermittent setting from a 4Runner of the same year as my Tacoma (2001) can anyone confirm whether or not I can plug the 4Runner stalk onto my steering column and be good to go with intermittent wipers?

Thanks for any info
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Should work but how much is it ?

For 20 (usa only)I will send u one I have in the gargare out of an 01-04 taco. Had it in my 98 for about 1.5 years before the rust buyback got the truck.
If that is the true, variable speed intermittent control, I am all over it- sent you a PM with contact info. Thanks!
Yeah, It should be the one. I got one out of a 97 4runner for 10 bucks and its good to go. 5 minute install. That, coupled with Bosch Icon blades, make for a lot more pleasent drive in the unpredictable rain paterns here in Florida.


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I confirm that a 4runner wiper switch will work in a tacoma. I picked one up today for 11bucks and installed it. Works perfect!:waytogo:
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