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wiper problems

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Lately I've been having problems with my wipers and I don't know what seems to be the problem. It works Ok when it's dry but when it's raining it goes further down hitting the plastic trim below the windshield. I tried adjusting it and bought wiper arms from the junkyard and it didn't work. I took the wiper motor out and inspected the linkage where the joint is connected to the wiper motor and it looked worn out. I'm guessing it's the linkage that's needs replacing??? Any ideas? Thanks:brickknoc
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I tend to think you're right about the linkage needing to be replaced. Here (attached) are the components diagrams and the installation procedure (which includes how to adjust the wiper arms). If your wiper arms are correctly adjusted per these specs, it's probably the wiper link mechanism that's over-traveling.

My guess is that the wipers are staying 'in bounds' in dry conditions because of the extra friction of the dry windshield.


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