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Who has the fastest taco here?

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What is your fastest time at the track? Mine is 15.2
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oh, I didn't bother with the formula, since in 5th gear:

2k = 60mph
3k = 90
4k = 120
5k = 150

The picture was done in 4th.
Actually, I've seen plenty of 13B motors turn over 10k and some as high as 12k and heard of some that go 13k with a bridge port. Tri-point engineering in Canoga Park Calif., has put together some sweet rotary engines. Remember, NO-CAM in a rotary engine. Only 3 recipricating parts. The crankshaft and the two rotors. Check this out 3-rotar beaut:
Excuse my ignorance but what is a rotoary engine?
It's a totally different ball game vs. a piston engine. It's 'possilby' the smoothest running engine you can stick in a car. RX7's use 'em. A lot of other cars as well, but I won't get into it so much on this thread, as it's not a Mazda BB. If you're interested though, check this: .
I don't know if you guys read last year Road & Track article on "Kings of the Drag Strip".. but Rod Millans Pike's Peek Tacoma did 9 seconds on the strip.. his first time ever drag racing with off road tires... better yet it was a 4 cyl 2.1L turbo charged AWD... now that is BAD ASS

visit here: <a href=""></a href>
Now that's a spoiler I would like to have!!!
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If they are so smooth then why don't a lot more cars have them? Are they more expensive to produce/maintain?
Rotary's aren't all that...they do rev to the moon but they have to push alot of rpm's to get good power and high horsepower rotary engines there not very reliable you see alot of em in glamis blowing up on the hill or having problems,and getting smoked by suburu 4 cyl turbo' s2000 has a piston moter that pushes 10k ...not many other's can do that ..
Did you know that the Pike's Peak tacoma has over 900 HP!!!! And it's a 4cyl!
4cyl indy cars put out over 1200Hp
Anybody got a couple hundred G's to ram one of those indy motors into their Taco??
If you want to know more, then check out this link:
Hey Taco Kevin,

Actually Mazda has the rights to the Rotary engine at present, and they're in millions of cars and trucks, planes and motorcycles. Mazda's big rotary car was the RX7, but like the Sup-dawgs, and the 300z cars, they are coming back with the RX8. Mazda charged too much for the RX7 parts and the dealers just weren't known for being a good reliable source for repairs. You had to go to specialty shops mostly and yes, it could get quite expensive. They are awesome engines though and I got 185k on my 85GSL-SE. Just check out that link on the Banzai that I posted previously. The previous RX7's used a 1308cc motor, which put out plenty of torque for its size. There isn't another engine that small, normally aspirated that could compare. I'm just answering your questions though and I have no intentions of getting too off topic here with Rotary tangents. RX7 have been dominating in racing for years. Many people are less than well versed when it comes to rotary engines. Many of the problems with the Mazda has been in the beginning and than later on as they evolved with the rotary cars, they had bad electrical systems. The 3rd Gen was way too high maintenance, I'll admit to it.
But a good rotory mechanic can put together an awesome sports car.
Well, I don't want to get too off topic, since I am a Taco man as well so, if you have any more questions, feel free to email me off-line. [email protected] or I can cross post this on the rotary news list to take it off of the Taco list.

2001 S-Runner
Free-FMU, Deckplate, Blown, Tensioner-Pulley Mod.
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Back to the time thing, would you be faster or slower at sea level? I was testing my new G-tech at Newport Beach yesterday, and I only ran a 15.69 at 91mph (non S/C). I only took 2 runs at it though. Any feedback?
Oh yeah, I ran the truck with just intake and exhaust.
Dont you have a 4 cyl in your Tacma? Your G tech said you ran a 15.69 but with only an air filter and exhaust. I find this hard to believe. I know the Tacoma 4 cyl is quick but I dont think its that fast.
no, CASlim is running a 6
Yes, OG is right. I have a 6 cyl, but I thought that stock was 15.7 for a 2000 2wd ext v6.
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