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Who has the fastest taco here?

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What is your fastest time at the track? Mine is 15.2
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15.38 at 86 mph (in Palmdale) That runs is without the injen intake. If you have a supercharge DO NOT get an intake. You WILL LOSE BOOST. Unless the pipe is 2 and a half inches (not the 3 inch) and you have fixed the fuel lean condition. I have a v6-supercharged 4x4.
Is yours an automatic? That time seems a little slow for a SC V6. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great time. I just thought it would be a little quicker.
my taco runs the quarter mile at 5 seconds, yes 5 seconds if you don't believe me then you can a$$ ram a midget in the bunghole.
Is that what they teach people in the fifth grade?
Anyway i have an issue ....when i ran with a mustang this weekend , i was winning in the first 100ft then i shifted into 3rd and in bogged down BIG , it has never done this before ....any ideas ?

Iam running a 96 2.4 with a turbo 50 shot nos and other upgrades ...i have a fuel pump and a msd...
first 100ft? damn bro i guess you got smoked for the next 1220ft...
Hey CASlim, that time is in palmdale. The elevation is higher their than in Pomona. Before I got my A.C.T clutch I ran 15.38 at Pomona. In palmdale I ran a 15.98 with the same mods (Before the clutch). You run faster in Pomona than you do in palmdale. So that means that I ran a high 14 in Pomona. No it is not automatic, It is a 5-speed. I will go to palmdale this Friday (feb1) to the Friday night grudge race will post my new time.
Palmdales elevation is higher and I have raced at both Palmdale LACR and Pomona. The correction for Palmdale's times is no more than .6 of a second. Your 15.98 in Palmdale corrected to sea level would be more like a 15.3. I am sure that other racers up at Palmdale will confirm this elevation correction.

On my turbo car I noticed that I needed to crank up the boost to post better times while at LACR. While at Pomona I could run lower boost.
I know that, if you read my top post, my new time is 15.38 at Palmdale. So with a .6 correction, I ran a 14.78 (give or take a few tenths) at sea level (Pomona). That time is high 14 like I said before.
I have the fastest one...see? That's at the top speed limiter.. 120 in 4th gear...

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Alright, who's taking the picture while you're driving at that crazy speed?
Umm, no comment
Let's just say it was stable...
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I gottcha.
Hey Rich,

Did your limiter cut you off at that point, or did you still have more left? I'm going to be taking a trip this weekend and I know my S will do at least 120mph. I'd estimate about 126-128mph? Do you know the formula to determine the speed based on rpms with the stock gears?

lol, good luck on gas at that speed. I drove home (phx) from sedona (90-100 miles away) at around 95-100MPH and I got about 17-18MPG. It was fun though.
Damn, that engine or your can handle turing over 7 grand?
It won't handle it for too long. I'd take it easy if I were you.
i dont think any engine is made to turn 7000 rpm for any long period of time ..aside from the honda s2000 moters
Yeah, those S2000's turn 10k right from the factory.'s a speed limiter... She probably had about near-130 in her...
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