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Who has the fastest taco here?

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What is your fastest time at the track? Mine is 15.2
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i think i do, i ran a 14.3 before my Locker,Nitto 555r's, S-AFC, Free 1:1 FMU and some other stuff.

btw i'm that Red S/C'd S-Runner vs the T/A with a cam, and ect... and dyno's 385 hp at the wheel.
that 14.3 was before my stuff. i think i might run a 13.8, 13.9, which is on par with a Z28/SS/WS-6, my 555r's at killer for the launch, the Free FMU helps alot, and the S-AFC added a definate punch. i can either hold my own or beat most of the domestics.
my 0-60 is about 5.5 or so......
when i get my pulley some other stuff, i'll bring a camera man to record some of this.

who is Paul ? the white tacoma ? with slicks and ect...
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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