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Who has the fastest taco here?

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What is your fastest time at the track? Mine is 15.2
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14.3 still isn't fast enough. The WS6 has a 0 - 60 time of 5 sec. and runs high 13's. Now, if you if you had a setup like Paul's Sleeper tacoma (high 12's), the WS6 would only watch your behind and never see your front.

All in all, you definitely have a fast tac! You would whoop on a lot of us. But, when comes to the big boys, you will need a lot more!
That's great! Just shave 3/10th more of a second, and you'll be dead even with the WS6 in the 1/4 mile.

That would be cool if you can get some more video! I love watching the tacs take on the big guys! I myself have shocked a couple camaros and stangs.

Yes, Paul is the one with the white tac. I never would have thought that a tac could pull off low 12's. And he does it with a stock air box!

This is the website that tells all about the truck.
Is yours an automatic? That time seems a little slow for a SC V6. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great time. I just thought it would be a little quicker.
Alright, who's taking the picture while you're driving at that crazy speed?
I gottcha.
It won't handle it for too long. I'd take it easy if I were you.
Did you know that the Pike's Peak tacoma has over 900 HP!!!! And it's a 4cyl!
Back to the time thing, would you be faster or slower at sea level? I was testing my new G-tech at Newport Beach yesterday, and I only ran a 15.69 at 91mph (non S/C). I only took 2 runs at it though. Any feedback?
Oh yeah, I ran the truck with just intake and exhaust.
Yes, OG is right. I have a 6 cyl, but I thought that stock was 15.7 for a 2000 2wd ext v6.
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