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Who has the fastest taco here?

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What is your fastest time at the track? Mine is 15.2
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I didn't know they made the 01's with the 3.4l. I thought they were all 1.7 or 1.4. Was it custom?? I thought they stopped putting the 3.4 in non4X4(&prerunners) in 2000.
OK, now i'm upset. I didn't know they had V6's in them when I bought my truck a few months ago. DANG! I would have tolerated the black or the red to get a V6. Oh well, I'll probably be relegating mine to commuting duties when I buy a camaro.
Yeah, I've been here for about a month or so, real good info for tacos here. I bought my Camaro last week, so all of my money will be going into it instead of the taco. It's wierd to drive a 13.4 second (stock) car after my hardly modified taco. I'm trying not to kill myself.
1 - 3 of 58 Posts
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