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Wheel and tire combo

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I am getting new tires in the next month or two. I was wondering which all terrain would look the best with my wheels and truck. I definately want 30x9.5's. I dont think I want a mud tire, but the only one I am intersted in is the BFG KM2. I have been looking at Pirelli Scorpion ATR, Kuhmo Road Venture AT, Toyo Open Country AT. I was just wondering if my truck would look wierd with rock crawler wheels and not very aggresive tires. Any input is appreciated.

PS. may be getting 2" body lift as well.


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I like the BFG M/Ts. They stick to everything. But they wear a tad too fast. I know the Scorpions are great for on-road handling. The Kuhmo Road Venture M/Ts look very aggressive and they are apparantly affordable.
Thanks for the info... I don't off road very much any more, so I'm really concerned about looks above all and then on road performance... I really like the scorpion ATR but I just dont know if the would look good on my rock crawler wheels. I know the KM2's would look good on there, but I'm trying to stay away from MTs.
I'd look at the Hankook RF10. These have a great looking tread for an AT and I don't think they would be too mild for your wheels.

Hankook RF10 ATM
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You think the Pirelli's are too mild of a design for my setup?
The Hankook look pretty good
Its hard to get a beefy Off-Road look with out going with a Mud tire. Some AT tires are a little more aggressive looking than others. From far, most of your ATs will look the same so it may not really matter that much. The Pirelli is pretty mild looking for an AT compared to some of the other ATs IMO. This doesn't make it a bad tire though. It has its place.
Thanks for the help. There are so many choices, but I guess I will have to make a choice eventually. If any one has opinions or experience with any of the above mentioned tires, please chime in. This not only helps me out big, but other readers.

Duratracs! I have them on the exact same rims and they look great. Plus they're quiet on the road and grip really good offroad.
I looked at duratracs, but they don' make a 30x9.5. only a 235/75/r15 which is 28.7x9.2 ish. I know if I buy 235s I will want 30s in 3-4 months because i'm probable getting a 2" body.

I think I have narrowed it down to the Hankook rf10 atm and the Pirelli Scorpion ATR.
Which one would you guys pick.
I know I am being a pain in the A.., but I have decided I will go back to my stock wheels and buy the Pirelli ATRs. Question now is will I have any trouble. I have the Fabtech coil/UCA lift, and they recommend 30X9.5 with a wheel of 3.75" back spacing or less. Would I have any trouble with 30X9.5s on my 2001 stock wheels, or will i need to buy a set of spacers?

Again sorry for being a pain and thanks for all the help.
Body lifts are a last ditch effort when you've taken the suspension setup as far as you can take it..
yes I understand that, local place quoted a price too high anyway. No more lift, back to stock rims and a more street geared at tire...
got the 30x9.5s on my stock steelies. very very minor rubbing, might get some 1/2" spacers.
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