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What up peeps. Heard a lot about this site.

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What up ladies and gents. I'm located in great ol albuquerque new mexico.... nothing happens here and when it does.... well it's not much.... I'm actually looking for a Xrunner transmission. If anyone knows of one for sale that would help a bunch. Thanks peeps and well I can't post up pics of my truck but you can visit my other page if you wanna see them. I'm a long term member of xr-underground. Which I will post after I make 10 post apparently... lol :runaway:
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Welcome to CT!!
Welcome to CT!!
Thanks brotha.... Nice taco. Black and white always look good together... :headbang:
Welcome to CT! :waytogo:
Thanks peeps. Anyone selling an Xrunner trans? I'm sure you guys are probably a better set of eyes than I am....
There's been some recent discussions on swapping out stock 6-speed Aisins for something else:

... which might result in some trannies being offered for sale ... :thinking:
Thank you sir. Yeah I don't know what is on the up and up on this site so I don't even know where to begin. those that have been eyes here for a while know where to look. :waytogo:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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