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Im about to drop my 2000 coma x cab, i have a belltech 2/3 kit using coils and blocks but for some reason i dont think its gonna be low enough for my taste. I wanna go low, but no bags. What about the DJM 3/4 kit in addition with the 2 inch drop coils and removing the extra leaves in the back? that way i can be more like a 4/5 any sugestions? does anyone have a pic of a coma with a 2/3 drop?

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If you are anything like me the 2/3 drop won't be low enough. I recently lowered my 01 Taco with the 3/4 and I was very impressed on how low it sat. I have 17's with 225,50,17 tires and it sit perfect. I believe the lower the better. Try the DJM 3/4 drop first and if you want to be lower you can buy the coil springs to drop the front another 1or 2.

It still isn't low enough right now for me but it looks really good:)
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