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What have I missed the last two years?

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Hey everyone! I'm getting back into car ownership after two years of being carfree. I'm wondering what new hot products have came out on the market as far as SQ goes?

Has Dave posted up any pics or threads about any of his latest SQ installs? :D

Any new headunits out with 3(or 4) way crossovers?

Any new components come out that have been reviewed well?

Whats the best deals on high quality amps right now?

I picked up an older Camry that I'm going to do a budget SQ install after I take care of a few little mechanical issues. I'm trying to decide what newer vehicle to get for myself. I want something 4x4 for expedition type trips.

Oh and I'm still doing a lot of Mountain Biking if anyone in So Cal happens to ride and wants to join up on a ride.


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Welcome back to visible CT, Cam' ! :waytogo:

I woulda figured Dave woulda posted something by now ... :thinking:

I don't have any news nuggets on the items you asked about ... :shrug:
Thanks Enola!

Well, after doing a little bit of research on headunit, it looks like the DEH-P800PRS is a good choice, but they stopped making it...

And the DEX-P99RS is the only current Pioneer Head Unit that will do active. Wow what a cool headunit.

Dave, have you tried one of these yet?
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