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Hey everyone,
I've been thinking about putting some graphics on my truck and I ran across this taco on ebay. This was almost exactly what I had in my mind (a checkered flag design.) I really just want to get some second opinions from other taco owners before I do this. BTW, I've never posted a pic of my truck on this website but it looks identical to this one with the exception of 20" wheels and a couple of other small things :waytogo:
There is a link to the site, tell me what you think!!!
P.S. Im not sure if I posted this in the right section but I took my best guess at it :headbang:

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Not my cup o' tea, but "to each his own" ....

One thing, though .... The 'swoosh' - style graphics on the eBay truck are reminiscent of the similar side badging put on older Toyota trucks in the 1980's and early 1990's. Personally, I always hated them ... :rolleyes:

On the other hand - I know you say you want a checkered flag motif ... Do you specifically want that sort of 'full-length swoosh' graphic? I can see where something in a different format (e.g., a checkered flag pattern fading from front-hood-edge backward or some such) might look pretty decent ... :thinking:
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