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What did you pay for your LT setup?

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So I am getting ready to do my LT Set Up and am just wondering what you guys paid for your set up (Front only).

My Buddy is a Kings and Total Chaos dealer and has given me a price. Just want to see how it compares to what everybody else has paid for their stuff all Installed Professionally.

Please note I am talking New parts and preferably full Uniball set ups. Ideally Id like to see what people paid for the TC kit.

Also if anybody has leads on Used stuff I wouldnt mind looking.

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Well I already have the glass and what I have been quoted is Everything needed, No suprises. Just give him the money and pick up my truck a week later.

Right now I am looking at 4200 so its sounding like thats in Line with what people have paid.

He really wants to do the Engine cage at the same time but thats going to run me another 300-400 bucks and its already not a cheap project (like half what I paid for the truck). so I think we might do the cage later.
I know you were looking for the price thing here but let me fill you in on a few things:

Steer clear of balljoints so that means the TC kit and first gen JD kit like I have. Your best bet is to go with the newer JD kit or for a tad cheaper the Brenthal Industries kit and even maybe Engage (not sure when they will produce it).

Also don't skimp out on doing the engine cage, you're going to do more harm when the frame bends in towards the motor. At least run a brace between the two shock towers if you do decide to go with the TC kit.

Finally are you absolutely sure you want to go LT? I ask because you can't just do the front, that will be fun for about 1 trip if you decide to go out to the desert and see how well it handles because your back will hate you. So take into consideration that if you're going to dump a bunch of money into the truck that there are certain precautions you should be aware of. Even I have learned what to do and not to do for my next build.

Anyways to finally answer your question, I paid:
$750 for a used kit
$550 for parts (upgraded UCA's to heims)
$1300 NEW 2.5 dual rate King c/o (could of bought used to save)
$120 in material (tabs, tubing, welding wire etc)
$175 2.0 Fox bumps (optional but good to have)

= $2720 Which is a good deal doing the install and fab myself
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Thanks alex.

I actually am doing the LT kit because I have jacked up my front end and need to replace it. I will in time do the rear and the engine cage but right now its about not killing tires due to not being able to align my truck.

The set-up I have in the rear right now with the leafs Beefed put together is much better than stock so they should be fine for now. The price of the Rear set-up is nothing compared to the front so that will definitely happen.

One of the Big reasons for going LT as well is to eliminate all balljoints. Ive broken enough of them without beating my truck to know I want to do that. I didnt notice that the TC was using stock BJ's, that is one thing I expressed concern about so I will have to contact Tyler again. It is possible that he plans on building me lowers as we had spoken about doing that as well.

As for dumping a ton of money, I am already WAY beyond that point. The LT kit will probably be about what I already have dumped due to the regearing and all that stuff. What I want is something I dont have to worry about breaking parts on, Be it using it in the desert or using my truck as I do now on canal roads and trails while hunting/fishing.

Thanks for your input man
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