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What are my options?

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Hey guys. This is what I've got. A 2008 Double cab prerunner 4X4 with a 3 inch Toytech lift. It's been a year since I lifted it and I am dying to get the old stock wheels and Dunlops off it. I have been looking at some Helo Series 820 Wheels (16 x10) with a 6 inch backspace.

My other preference are some KMC Enduro XD's (17x 9) 5 inch backpace I guess I would go some 285/70/ R 17's. Keep in mind, I want as wide of a stance as I can get just because I like that kind of look on a truck. Is that possible with a new style Tacoma?

Will a 6 inch backspace be too much and rub? I still have a hard time understanding this whole backspace issue. From what I understand, too little is no good because of our brake calipers and too much is no good because of inside rub. My tire preference would be a 285/ 75 R16 .

I am ready to go with it but really could use your insight if somebody out there has some thoughts. Thanks!
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You will want to run a 4.5" back spacing to avoid hitting the upper control arms. This site is pretty dead for 2nd gen taco stuff your better off going to :waytogo:
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