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We'll I might be the first

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Hopefully I can't claim this but under light boost yesterday morning a lid snap crackle pop happened and no more moving. I shattered my ring and pinion. Luckily covered under my extended warranty but she went big time. I hoped at first oh god I hope it's a u joint and not the trans. And than I realized what it was. Had it towed to lemon grove Toyota for those locals a good shop. And it looks like a whole new third member and maybe even the axle tubes and axles according to the service rep. I only pay tax and my deductible. Oh yeah and an oil change to while it's there.
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Dammit, that sucks bro.. Btw was that you behind me getting on the 15N the other day? At least you are covered!
Not really blastap. But it's loaded up and great tq.

And vodoo blue truck silver shell. Only one like it. And if I saw you ie a lowered s runner I'd probably say hello vroom vroom. As close as we live to each other we need to meet up once and check out each others trucks.
Def. man :waytogo:
Dang, that's no good man. Guess its time for a True-trac?
So for the stupid people out there, what broke exactly? lol
So for the stupid people out there, what broke exactly? lol
just what i was going to ask, by shattered does that mean the whole pinion and ring setup just fell apart, and nothing but metal inside the diff?

i mean in order to stop moving something major would have to happen, did it lock up, or still turn?
Ok quick break Down. Ring in which LSD sits in and attaches to axle shaft. Pinion what's turned by driveshaft and than rotates ring with teeth. I believe I snapped the pinion shaft it than fell out of alignment and than broke teeth off both ring and pinion locking up the whole set up and when rotated more it just shattered like glass into a bunch of pieces than all those little pieces got in between the axle shafts inside the axle tubes and cut those up. So by the sound of it I'll get a whole new axle complete. Third tubes shafts LSD ring and pinion etc.

There now is that complete enough. I hope I have answered all your questions.
Well James I hoped not to be but now we know it's not indestructible.
That's not a good thing to hear. You gonna try to upgrade while its torn apart, or just sticking with the stock stuff?
Yeah but vodoo it's not as wide as a newer version correct. And 4.10
way too much gear. I move plenty well with 3.15's. And was that me behind you on 15 the other day?
Nope, sorry. No shell. Guy came up on my bumper after I turned onto the on ramp. Older guy too so I didn't think he was up to play.. until I couldn't even see his headlights in my rearview because he was so close. Got to the bottom of the on ramp still just cruising along at like 35mph.. checked my rearview, popped over a lane.. no cars no cops. gave him a chance.. no bueno for him though.
Well next barona run hopefully you can make it. I'm out till new trans as I'm limping this one. Don't want her to snap right before the swap.
Well I got my truck back today and I sheared off like half of the pinion teeth and broke the ring. Metal cut into the pumpkin so I have all new seals and bearings as well as complete third pumpkin and LSD. And get this they even reinstalled the urd bar for $50. Deal:jawdrop::waytogo:

so now my question is what should I do about the fluid. Any additives or other fluid change.
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