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WANTED--passenger door for 1999 std 4x4 tacoma

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1999 std cab 4x4 2.7 tacoma!

wrecked my truck awhile ago and looking to get it back on the road. have to get it inspected by state patrol so i need to fix everything.

rolled the truck and hit a tree on my passenger door. tried to do a plexiglass fix but it didnt turn out so im looking for the whole door assembly with a window.

truck is maroon but dont really care about color, just want a functioning door that will pass the inspection.

im around portland, oregon(closest big city) and will be willing to travel to get this door.

I would be interested in buying a parts truck if it has the door i need, but would rather just buy the door.

I have a pair of stock coilovers for the 99 with pretty new shocks if anyone is interested in a partial trade.
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