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Wanted: 01-04 valance turn signal plug and some wiring

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I needsky one of deez bad boys right here.. :waytogo:
One of the wires came out of the socket and I don't wanna fudge with it..
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You need the part that comes off the wiring harness and is still wired into the socket, right?
Chris, I can't give you the 100% right answer, but I can point you in the right direction.. sort of:

The dude in this thread gave me the appropriate part numbers. I'm assuming all you would really have to do is look in the FSM... er, no.. maybe the parts catalog. In any event, I then went to , typed in those awesome parts numbers, and viola. Easy peasy.
Thanks man, but used would work just fine for me..

and yeah, socket with some wiring on it is all I need..
I figure its a pocketable item at most places ;)

anyone strolling through a salvage yard, pocketable ;)

either that or is it a bitch to rewire the socked I already have?
I just desided to figure it out and repaired it

delete or close..
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