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(VA) 98 tacoma parts + 22re header

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i'm parting out a wrecked 98 2wd tacoma
i will NOT be selling much of anything under the hood, interior, bell housing/ clutch, the body harness or engine harness.

it has a 8/10 bed
good 2wd trans (no bell housing/ clutch or sensors)
cab- body mounts are a little tweaked and passenger side door has a dent and needs a inner fender well (i'd sell this for pretty much the cost of the scrap metal but still not that bad of condition)
tail lights- great condition

drivers side-
all in good condition
Maybe signal light

both mirrors
rear bumper
rear end (5 lug)
drive shaft

i cant post pics right now because i dont have 10 post but i can e-mail them to you

and i have a 22re header that came on my truck not to sure on the brand. i need to go talk to the p/o

and it's located in Danville, VA 24541

I know i'm new to this forum but i'm a regular over at yotatech and probetalk

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Holy moly, that's where VIR is!!! Get more info on the 22r header, namely the brand, condition, vehicle application (4x2 P/U, 4x4 P/U, or celica). If it matches what I need, I'll probably buy it.
holy moly someone close to danville lol. yea i'm up 58 at the other side of danville from VIR though.

the header came off a 91 4x4 pickup. not sure about the brand i need to go see the p/o and see what brand it is. it does have some surface rust but overall its not that bad.
Cool, man. Once you get the brand, let me know, maybe we could meet up somewhere if I buy it. Also, you should come down to mooresville for the wrench day!!! See my sig fo mo info!
i'll bring the 91 for wrench day, we can do a 2rz swap in a day right j/k lol. i wish i could but i dont get off work till 4 that day. i'll go by food lion tomorrow and hopefully the p/o is working.
i went to the p/o's work today to see what kind of header it is but he wasn't there. i'll try to get over there before i have to be at work tomorrow
do you have a solid rear window??
are the tailights the same as a 4WD??? if so, how much for the driver's side tail? i'm also in VA and about 4-5 hours away.
pm'd you

bump. i really need this bed gone to pay for my swap
do you have a hood and/or a passenger side front fender available?
bumper- uhh i guess $100 where at in fl are you? because i will be going to Daytona in like 2 weeks

and the hood and pass side was ruined. actually i do have the fender but it is in the shape of a ball lol
Paint it white and it looks just like my '00. :(
did all this snow get you like it did the lady i bought it from?
nah. my taco wanted to kiss a tree in some heavy rain
did you get my PM about the rear window??:shrug:
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