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URD TCAI for sale

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Hi I have a URD TCAI in polished finish with about 35,000 miles on it. It was cleaned every 10,000. It comes with all parts shown in the pictures including the Injen heat shield, Amsoil filter and Amsoil prefilter. Naturally since it is used there are some scuff marks and things but I have tried my hardest to make any of them visible in my pictures. What you see on the white paper is what is included. My price is $200
My shipping zip code is 84065 so if you want to get a basic idea on shipping there you go. I am located in a small town named bluffdale which is right outside of Salt Lake City, Utah
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Sorry it wont let me post pictures because I dont have 10 posts on CT. I've been on TTORA forever if you would like to have some confirmation that I'm not a scammer. I'm under the same name, yota fan!. if you would llike pics feel free to give me your email and I'll send them your way.
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