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URD Maf Calibrator help

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I have recently purchased a used maf calibrator. It was used on an 06 x runner. The tune in the system is still for that truck. I want to install it on my 02 3rz. I was wondering if the truck has to be running to put a map. I don't want my engine to get messed up when I start my truck using the old map for his truck.

Can I just put the ignition to accessory to load a base map of 10's?
Also do I have to have 10's in map A and B?
Does anyone have the install instructions for an 02 3rz?

Sorry if the questions are quite simple. I am very new to tuning and would appreciate any help I can get.
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My best advice is to phone URD tech support and find out what may be needed. Do you have all the other items (wideband, etc.) you'll need?
You need to put 10 on all cells of the MAP A and 0 on the MAP B

You have to do it with the ignition on and engine off, R4 software won't let you program it with the engine running. After you program it you have to turn ignition off for several seconds so you won't get a CEL.
Do you already have the schematics to connect it?
It's easy but you have to be 100% sure which wires to tap and/or cut.
Thanks, I don't have any wideband equipment. I was going to get the scan tool that is recommended in the u tune guide. I was debating whether to attempt a road tune by myself or not. I'm still not sure exactly what I'll do, but thanks for the info, I at least know I can install it because I obtained the directions from urd. I will probably leave the neutral tune on it until I find a reputable tuning place or feel a bit more comfortable doing it.
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