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So the wife and I have been trying to decide on what to do on my birthday....
I will be 30, and its on a Saturday (Dec 16th)

We decided to have a party :)

Dec 16th
My place
BYOB (Dont plan on driving out of here drunk)
My kids will be at a baby sitter overnight

P.S. -
This is not a "Birthday party" per say...
There wont be any cake, and I wont be blowing out candles.
Just a PARTY for fun :)

Hope to see ya there!

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redrunner said:
Woot!! I get to pull all the grey hairs with my teeth!
You'd be surprised where gray hairs may appear ... :thinking:


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haha :funnyup:

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Alex B. said: do seriously shave ?.....:funnyup: Peter North !.....:funnyup:
:shrug: The only funny thing about that is when a girl goes to town on you down there, she's having to pull out every 10sec to pull the floss (your pubes) out of her teeth/cheeks/tongue. Pretty gross.

Not to mention it's more comfortable. but enough about pubes.

XRobber said:
The only way to go bro :)
:exactly: :loveeyes: :D
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