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Ivan Stewart Signature Edition Wheel Balance
Balancing Procedure:
The wheel/tire assembly may be balanced on any dynamic balancing machine that locates the wheel on the machine shaft by the use of tapered collars. The late model Hunter brand machine is an example. Before balancing wheel/tire assemblies verify balance machine is in calibration. The cone used for this evaluation was a #38 Hunter.
Remove TRD center cap from wheel. Due to the limited front brake caliper to wheel clearance, the wheel/tire assembly must be balanced on the inside plane using clip-on weights on the inside edge of the wheel. Adhesive weights may be used to balance the outside plane by hiding the weights behind any one of the five spokes. The weights should be mounted on the inner diameter of the wheel directly behind the spokes. Install wheel on balancer with wheel mounting face contacting the backing plate of the balancing machine. Use appropriate tapered cone on front side of wheel to center wheel on balancing machine shaft. Spin wheel assembly and install weights as indicated. Re-spin wheel again to verify readings are zero or within .25 grams. If readings exceed .25 grams rebalance and repeat procedure. Due to the size and weight of off-road type tires one last check will be necessary. Rotate wheel assembly 90 degrees on shaft and re-spin to verify repeatability of balance. If readings do not exceed .25 grams, wheels are OK to install. If readings exceed .25 grams repeat procedure. The balance specifications are as follows:
· Maximum 120 grams of weight per wheel weight plane
· Maximum 240 grams of weight per tire/wheel assembly
· Maximum final imbalance of 8 grams per weight plane
If more than 120 grams per weight plane or 240 grams total weight are needed, the tire must be dismounted from the wheel and rotated so the heavy area of the tire is matched up with the light area of the wheel.
Install the Tacoma tire and wheel assembly onto the wheel studs. Use the TRD provided “Spline Drive” socket to hand start all five lug nuts. Use the McGard lock key provided to hand start the wheel lock. Use a torque wrench or “torque stick” to tighten the lug nuts to the following torque: 110 N•m (1,150 kgf•cm, 81 ft•lbf). Finally, tighten the lock to the same torque specification.
CAUTION: Do not use a standard impact gun to tighten the lug nuts or lock. If an impact gun is used, it may be impossible to remove the lug nuts or lock without damaging or destroying the wheel.

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I have the exact same setup as you... TRD wheels with 265/75 Nitto Terra Grapplers... 12k miles and not one problem.... I keep my tires at 40psi front and 34psi rear. Rock solid ride, no uneven wear. I know the first batch of these wheels that were made had balancing issues, but something was changed after the initial production run.
I wish I had an answer for you, I guess your only solution is to fork out the $$$ to get the road force balance done. It's $25/wheel here in Vegas at Discount Tire, dunno about the dealers. If they can get a balance this way, then you will know its not the wheels/tires and have to look somewhere else. I would guess the driveshaft and u-joints would be your first suspect. Good luck, I hope you can get this problem solved...
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