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Used Parts from 1996 4runner 4x4 v6 with 60,xxx miles
Stock Spindle w/hub $75ea
Fan Clutch $30
Upper Control Arms $50pr
Alternator $60
Exhaust Manifold $60
5vz block $300
Starter $40

Alot more Parts Lmk what your lookin for I probly have it but I didn't list it
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Location? :shrug: Willing to ship? :shrug:
Do you have the front bumper and is it black?
I actually do have a bumper but it's chrome askin $120 has no dents or scratches no rust. Location is Hawaii but I'm willing to ship anywhere no problem.
the spindle and hub are they add or non add
This guy is a fraud!!!!!!!

I just won a dispute with paypal and was luckily able to recover my money, I should have known better with his low post count, but I was new to the board as well and didn't pay attention.

He took my money and I never got another message after that, or any parts.
if this is true, someone needs to ban his arse.
sad but true.

I am hoping they do before he scams anyone else. I was really surprised that paypal recovered my money, since I don't even think he has made another post since he scammed me. I kinda figured he probably closed his bank account to and didn't really expect to be able to get my money back.

In case he signs on with a different user name his paypal is:

it's [email protected]
PM me details and links to the previous transaction...


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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