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Toyota Previa rear end swap?

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I found a 1995 Toyota Previa LE locally thats being parted out and I was
wondering about the rear end possibly interchanging with the Tacoma?

I can find absolutely nothing in regards to pictures or specs of the Previas rear axle setup..

I'm on and Club Previa and I haven't been able to find anything specific searching..
It doesn't look like there is much traffic on those two sites so I'm not sure if I'll get any hits on my questions.. :(
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There was a truck in Minitruckin Magazine done by K's Bodyworks in Japan. It was in a club named Outer Limits. The truck was called "Toy Soldier" and it had a rear disc conversion using Previa parts. The rear brakes on a Previa are kinda different. They are discs but inside the disc, or the hat, there is a drum like brake that works as the e-brake. And the calipers are used for the pedal brake.
I've seen lots of rear disk setups with mini drum brakes for the e-brake..
Can't find the truck on minitruckins web site..
ohh ok, they only used the brakes on the taco axle..
My guess is that if anyone knows the details, it would be Toyota freaks in Australia or New Zealand. They seem to know a lot about Toyota drivetrains and drivetrain modifications.

The USDM Previa was known as the Estima in the JDM and the Tarago in Australia. I'm not sure which name it carried in the NZDM.

I can't figure out which manual transmission was offered in the 1st generation Previas. The auto was an A340 series - which is not used with the '7.5' differential on USDM Tacomas. I don't know if that's a clue, because I don't know how finicky Toyota is about matching certain trannies with certain differential types.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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