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I can't find the towing section on this forum so I just post it up here, sorry guys. My truck is a 2004 Double Cab 4WD without the TRD package or towing package. As I read in the manual, it says if the truck has a towing package (checked by the fan neck color of blue), then it can tow 6000 lbs. But if it doesn't have a towing package (checked by the fan neck color of orange), then it can tow 3500 lbs.

This confused me a lot. I read on the auto consumer book or MSN Auto that the 4WD can only tow 5000 lbs with a hitch (class III), not by the bumper, and the 2WD can only tow 3500 lbs with a hitch. So does the factory manual mean "Towing Package" is just a hitch system or there're more to it? If it's just a hitch system, then can I safely tow 6000 lbs with an aftermarket class III hitch?

Any info. is greatly appreciated.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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