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Throttle positioning sensor voltage

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I have a 2001 Prerunner V6 and I've been having troubles with mpg, loss of acceleration, hesitancy, and shifting problems. I replaced the throttle positioning sensor with OE about 4 months ago and still have the same issues. I even replaced the ecm with a used one that I bought online a month ago. So I was testing the the TPS and I'm getting 10 volts from it. Shouldn't it be 5 volts? And from my understanding doesn't the power going to the TPS come from the ecm? If all of that is true would it be possible that I somehow purchased a bad ecm? I appreciate the help.

To further complicate the problem I've already removed and cleaned the throttle body, new OE mass air flow sensor, new OE ignition coils, new spark plugs, and yes new catalytic converters. And there are no vacuum leaks.
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As you all know you can test a TPS to see if its failing. In my case its on a 2000 Acura Integra. I have good power and ground and was looking for .5v at closed to 4.5v at WoT. I discovered 2 dead spots at around 40% throttle and at around 60% which i knew was happening from driving the car.
Are there any OBDII codes present?
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