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Truck got broken into yesterday, it looks like they popped the passenger side lock with a screwdriver (they left the screwdriver in the truck). They tried to get the dashboard open unsuccessfully, took about 1.50 in change, my broken amplifier (suckers!) and the faceplate for my stereo which was in the bottom compartment in the center console.

So now I have some questions, is it really that easy to get into the truck?
How difficult is it to get the lock back into place? I imagine I'll have to open up the passenger side door to get to it.

I can buy a new faceplate at pioneer no problem, but is there something special I need to do to get it to interface with the stereo already in there?

Also, I searched and couldn't find any locking center console options for the pre 2005 Tacomas (I have a 2004). I could have sworn I saw something for 2004's.

Here's a few pics, not really any damage to speak of but more annoying than anything.


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(1) Sorry about the break-in ... :doah:

(2) Exactly what model Pioneer head unit do you have?

(3) Some of the offroad guys use locking center consoles (designed mainly for Jeeps) from Tuffy:
Ya, did some more research and saw the tuffy product, from the google search I've done it sounds like the suzuki samurai one will fit ok.

I had the Pioneer DEH-P4600MP.

I'll probably just get a cheapie amp to power my cheap subwoofer. I'm assuming all I need wiring wise I can find here?
That sux you got ripped off

Dude if someone else wants something you have bad enough their going to get it. Did you have an alarm?
Did you have an alarm?
Well I had the factory plug and play one, but didn't hear it since I had parked down the street :doah:

I put the ash tray back together and popped back the dashboard. Did some searching on the price of a faceplate and ran the numbers, its actually cheaper to get a new stereo than to buy the faceplate and remote control from Pioneer!

It looks like the rca outlets and speaker wire are in tact, but I'm going to need to get a new power wire and ground.

Now I got to see if I can fix the popped in key hole.
Here (attached) are the FSM front door components and disassembly sections.

There's really no mention of dealing with the lock cylinder except as the last step in disassembling the door ... :shrug:


.... its actually cheaper to get a new stereo than to buy the faceplate and remote control from Pioneer!
I think they are so expensive because if they were cheap then theives would most likely steal the stereo even without the face. It is supposed to be a deterent when they look in and see no face plate.

Such amateurs! I would've gotten into your truck and stole the whole system without any damage.

Sorry to hear such a thing though.
You should see if any rear door handles will fit on the passenger side maybe from 4 runner or dcab. I used to do that on cars when they would get the key cylinder knocked out and broken into. if they're gonna bust out another key cylinder then at least they'll have to do it from the driver side which if your truck is parked on the street they'll have to do it on the street in plain sight.
Thanks Enola, shoot I might as well put in some new speakers while I have the door dissambled. I'm glad they didn't take my catalytic converter, that really would have sucked. Maybe it's time to find a house with a 3 car garage.

I've been hit by thieves twice and actually haven't come out in too bad of shape. The first time some bum broke the window of my old toyota pickup and took my gym bag full of sweaty clothes, this time they take my broken amp :lol:
Ouch, sorry to hear about the break in. Not even a week after i bought my truck i went to the local raceway to watch what else...the races. The lot to park in was SUPER dusty and dry. When i got back to my truck 3 hours later i saw palm prints all over my truck thanks to the dust. There was a perfect print of a hand trying to pry open the sliding rear window and the 2 side windows. Also prints all over the door handles and windows. I was so glad i closed and locked the back windows that night.
dust the screw driver for prints!
Did some searching on the price of a faceplate and ran the numbers, its actually cheaper to get a new stereo than to buy the faceplate and remote control from Pioneer!
of course... your stereo is 7 years old, and new old stock can be expensive.

i dont even stock parts and faceplates for units that old, unless they are audiophile units. the P4600MP was a low/mid line unit 7 years ago, and the used market price now is around $35 in good working condition. buying a new face for that, would not be worth it.

what you may want to do, is look on ebay for a used face for it. also, know that the DEH-2600 face is compatible too. but... keep in mind, that whole unit is a $35 unit... unless the face and shipping is dirt cheap, it is not worth getting one.

if this one does not get bid on by anyone else, then it is almost worth it:

but if you buy it, when it is all said and done, you still have an old and low end unit. so think about it.

if you want, i can get you a modern unit, and an amp for less than you can buy just a new head unit for. :thinking:

anyway, thieves are the scum of the earth... but if it was not for my stereo system getting stolen around 13 years ago, i probably would not be in the car audio industry now... so for me, it was a good thing. :waytogo:

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