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The everlasting question...

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Anyone out here try transplating diff motor into their tacos? I've got a 00 so i was figuring maybe a JZ type motor : ). What will fit? But will settle for near anything i'm getting tired of this slow 2RZ-FE in here, too hard to pull power out of it.
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too hard? a supercharger install is very easy and more reliable - and in the end probably even cheaper than a swap - plus what do you have for a rear end?
Stock rear end with stock manual transmission. Can that be changed? : ) And to what?
I meant what do you have for rear gearing... 3.56, 4.10 other ?
<font color=green>look on the side of your door, you'll see a tag, and on it somewhere is a code that looks like b03a, b04a, etc. That's the code for your rear diff gearing. The chart to see what they correspond to can be found in the FAQ at TTORA.

for example, I have b03a, so I have an 8" ring, 4.10:1 gear ratio, open differential (with TRD locker).
Can't find it, looked on drivers side jam, just shows tire figures n other stuff.
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