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the dust caps

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ive got a set of katana belajeos (they look like konig caffienes) and i cant get the center caps on straight in the front. how do i pop off the dust caps? do i need to remove the wheels? thanks
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I know that they make spacers tha go in between the wheel and brake that push out the wheel so the dustcaps will fit. They also mess up your alignment and requre to get it aligned again.

You can also take off the dust caps but I don't know if that can cause any long term damage. I have the same problem with 17 ADR Nengans. I haven't put them on because i want to figure out what to do also.

Any comments or pros and cons


I put the spacers on my 98 coma and its been like 8 months and no problems, you may want to replace your lugs with longer ones though, depends on how thick of spacers you use.
I have a set of 18" Niche Shok's and had to take mine off. They have been off since '99. I have had no problem's, but you need to keep the bearings greased and check them often to see if you are getting any contamination.
I live in Southern California. How often am i going to need to check the grease in the bearings. I have a 2001 and want to stay away from any potential problems.
how did you take off the dust caps? do the wheels need to be removed?
I know you have to take off the wheels but i am also unsure of exactly what you need to unbolt to remove them. I think that i am going to go with spacers because i don't want to risk my bearings on my 2001 tacoma.

I solved my problem by taking the inside of the center caps that go on the rims and using a die grinder to cut it down. I cut it down to the sticker almost and popped them on, NO PROBLEMS YET!!!!! Just a hint on another idea!
I solved my problem also i just pounded them in with a hammer!
does toyota have 2inch dust caps? i put some mitsubishi eclipse rims on my truck but i left the dust caps off because it has the diamond star... whats wrong if i roll with out the dust caps?
Iagree with the hammer. Not to hard thought.
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