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Thanks again guys for the help on installing the kit. I don't know if i could have done it right without your help! I got the Coma aligned this morning and it is still rolling stock. My tires and rims weren't at the shop because of "Christmas Delay" so I am picking them up tomorrow after work.
I can't believe how much better my Coma handles with the 3/4 kit, before around certain turns, my back end was skipping and now there is nothing but grip. I was pleasently surprised! Well i will have some pictures soon. I am installing a trenz billet insert tomorrow morning and was wandering if anyone had any tips on things to do or not to do.

Thanks again


what wheels are you putting on it? And what size?

What movie was that in? "Nurse: Check his penis. Is it bigger than mine?"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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