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Who better to tell you about the 2016 Toyota Tacoma than a group of Taco owners?

That’s the premise of our latest AutoGuide video series: Talking Tacos.

To be clear, no one is talking about tacos (the food), rather, it’s all about Tacos (the truck). That, after all, is the nickname given by Tacoma owners to their trusty pickups.

And to say it’s just talking would also do this series a disservice. There’s plenty of driving too. forum community is a busy place (fifty thousand registered members have posted over two million times on the site) where enthusiasts love their trucks. So we invited a handful of members to California to drive Toyota’s third-generation Tacoma and tell us what they think.

We sourced two trucks, a Limited and TRD Off-Road model, and put these first- and second-generation Tacoma owners behind the wheel, on the street and on a custom off-road course at Willow Springs Raceway.

In the first episode of our five-part series, here’s what five real Tacoma owners had to say about the new truck’s off-road capability.

“Talking Tacos – Toyota’s engineers will be answering questions ! Post your questions below about the videos and the new Tacoma and stay tuned for the answers!
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