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Tacoma 2002 TRD PreRunner - Rear Diff Lock

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Hi everyone,

I'm new in the site but I think this question has been here many times. I live in the Chicago area and right now we are having a good amount of sknow. My truck slips a lot but when I activate the rear diff lock works perfect. My question is: What is the highest speed that I can drive? The manual says just 5 mph but that doesn't help me much. I would like to drive with the rear diff lock at least in the local town probably at 25 or 20 mph.

I will really appreciate if there is anyone who can answer or guide me to the correct forum if I'm using the wrong one.

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Been up to about 55 locked. Just be careful of sharp turns is the slick stuff.
I use the Pre-runner E-locker on my truck at the dragstrip and have it locked at 100mph. Like rednecktaco said, its the turns that are the concern. When making a turn, the outer wheel needs to travel a further distance than the inner wheel. When locked, they will both turn equal amounts, which will cause the inner one to skip... and the driver to possibly lose control. If you practice driving with it locked up and understand what to expect under different conditions and know how to react, i think you should be ok.
(1) Welcome to CT, Israel! :waytogo:

(2) You can drive around at lower / urban speeds (like the 20 to 25 mph you mentioned) with the rear differential lock engaged. The diff lock lamp, however, may flash continuously once you get above around 8 mph.

Just bear in mind that with the rear wheels locked your rear end will be a lot more 'squirrelly' than usual.

Thank you so much for your information, this really helps me a lot. Now I can go home using the rear diff lock without any concerns and happy because the truck won't slip every time I stop.

I won't drive more than 40 - 45 mph.

Have a great day!!!

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