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Taco time again!

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Hey everyone, time to join the Taco owners group again…. Just bought a super clean 2004 Prerunner double cab and I’m loving it! This is my second 1st gen Taco (my kids stole the first one) and my fourth overall Toyota pickup (‘83 - sold, and ’93 - sold). Just starting my upgrades and personalization journey…. So far I’ve replaced the battery, upgraded interior and exterior lights to leds (switched out the relay to an led friendly one - no hyper flashing), added weatherTech floor mats, and added clamps to the front of leaf springs for axel wrap dampening. I also checked to see if I had the rs3200 module in the driver’s kick panel (I do…) and bought and programmed a key fob for remote lock/unlock. My next simple (hopefully) upgrade is the “free alarm mod” and addition of the GBS. I know this is an intro post but, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to ask a quick question: I have researched the free alarm mod on this site and a few others but the links all lead back to this site and those links lead to the “oops, something went wrong” page. Any idea where I can find pictures and instructions on this mod?
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