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does anyone offer a quality drop spindle that drops exactly 2"?? I want to drop my "S", but want to keep the original springs, & flipping the lower ball joint drops it closer to 3"... Any ideas? I'm looking for handling more than looks...
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No there are no drop spindles for the Tacoma out. Chassis Tech makes a spindle relocater for the taco, but they're a rip. I installed it but it was a pain up the ass with the pressed bolts on the control arm. I had to drill them out to put the new bolts in. Also its basically a spacer u can make yourself about 2" thick. For some reason I got more than a 2" drop with it installed, I have belltech 2" drop springs too and it looks nice. It's just a bitch to put in. If you want more info email me: [email protected] or if you wanna see what my truck looks like I'll send a pic and post some up soon.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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