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I was just wondering if its easy or if anyone has a right up on installing a aftermarket tach like those rice rockets one with the shifting light. I have a 2001 regular cab and would like to know my rpms...

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Hey, i have the same truck and just bought a 3 3/4" autometer tach, off ebay,,, new and in the original packaging- $42. anyone have any good on installing it?
The tach wire is a pain to find(Mine, 2000 v6, was green located at the MAF sensor)! Go to a dealer and look in their Electronic book for your year. I tried myself at first and then took it to a pro shop. It's only about $50 to have one installed, and they usually waranty their work.
yeah man i have a 5 inch auto meter tach with shift light and it's way easy to intall. it took me about a week with my dmm to try to figure out where the tach signal is generated in the 2.4 taco before i just gave up and went to the dealer and asked for the schematic. it's coming off the computer and it's hella easy to find if you haven't already found it let me know and i can tell you exactly which one it is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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