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suspension questions

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If i have a 6" diff drop already installed on my truck, what are my options on lifting it. i was thinking about getting some ome 883's and some type of ajustable shock. since the coils give me 3" of lift, can i use the shocks to provide another 1-2"? or is my only option for additional lift going to be a 1.5" spacer?

How will all this affect my stock upper control arms, are there any extended spindles out there besides the ones from the fabtech 6" drop bracket kit since those are 600 bucks each?

I'll be doing a good amount of wheeling so i want the spindles/ucas to be pretty strong...
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nah, i have a 6" trailmaster kit installed but as im sure you already know that kit isn't the best so i am going to take everything from the lift off except the drop diff kit. i just want to elminate the spindle/strut deal by putting stock ucas back on and just getting some coilovers or coils and shocks for lift. now since i cant easily take the drop diff off wouldnt it be in my best interest to get like 4-5 inch lift out of my coil setup since my cvs and everything will be fine? the only thing im worried about are the ucas cuz i know there gonna be under a lot of stress with that much lift itd be cool if i could find some kind of extended spindle or somethin
if its a first gen, there is no lift bigger than 3" with just coilovers...
yeah i think its a 1st gen... year 2000
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