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Sup from KY?

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Hey fellas. I've got an '09 base reg. cab 2wd that I've owned for about a year now....with no issues at all. Great truck. I'm a member on Tacoma World...and it's a good site, but it can get a bit "cloudy" over there sometimes...if you know what I mean.

Besides this site seems to have more info on rim/tires for the 5 lugger than TW does. That's one of the things that drew me in.

Glad to be here. :waytogo:
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Welcome to CT! ... :waytogo:
Welcome, I'm from Western KY, what about you.
Hey, I'm from Central-Eastern KY. Welcome to the forum!
Thanks for the welcome fellas. I'm in central KY. :waytogo:
Welcome to CT!
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