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sub placement reccomendations?

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I'm builing a custom sealed box to fit in the back of my xtracab. Which way do ya'll reccomend the sub be facing? up, forward, backward?
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alright thanks for the reply. Any other opinions?
alright thanks for the reply. Any other opinions?
I'm gonna try mine out facing down with small legs/spacers to keep at least a 1 inch space between the floor and face of sub. I have seen a lot of home stereo surround system with the sub that way figured I'd try it out in the truck. Seems to me that it would distribute the bass well and sound good. I'll let you know how it goes when I finally do it.
alright let me know for sure
Sub forward is generally louder in both sealed and vented boxes. But if you can, try both and see which you like more.

I'd put it right behind the drivers seat and bolt it down well. :waytogo:
I like mine to be in the bottom of the box, about 2" from the floor surface, slightly angled toward the front. I've done it before and it hit hard and my lows came out cleaner than when it was facing forward or up. Another bonus is that the sub is well protected from damage, and noone can see what you're running.

Consider this: SAS Bazooka tubes recommend their subs face the corner of the compartment (usually just a few inches away). I once had 4 SAS 8" tubes in my '94 standard cab behind my seat, and everyone swore I had to have 2 or more 12's. As far as the home stereo subs, they are done similar, or in a bandpass enclosure.
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