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by any chance, does any of you guys know what to use when they stuff subwoofer boxes(inside)?
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Polyfill. I'm pretty sure that Crutchfield has it. Check the links section.
they use stuff called poly fill... its basically pillow stuffing and you can buy it at any fabric store. the purpose of it is to make a small sealed box sound larger and louder than it actually is.
i heard about that... thanks ya'll
i have been looking for that stuff. Do you guys know how much to use or do you just have to expreiment?
According to crutchfield, use 1 to 1 & 1/2 pounds of polyfill per 1 cu ft of air space...1 pound goes for 8 bucks.
Polyfil is polyfill man. Just goto a local craftstores, it's normally 1 lb per cu.ft.
Thanks for the info guys. I didn't put anything in the box I made. Maybe if I do it'll sound even better. What do ya think?
I manage a drapery and upholstery shop. Don't waste your money on "sub box polyfill." Follow crutchfields recommendations, but until they stop shafting us buy it from fabric stores, craft stores are ALWAYS more expensive, there is a difference. You can use "polyfill" if you want to stuff your box with fluff or "batting" comes in sheets of different weights (thicknesses and densities) to line your box in. Just march in to that flowered, potpourri, no mans land and ask for it.
Ok what polyfill does is that it slows down the sound waves in the box basically. It doesn't absorb the sound since its so light, and that makes your bass sound deeper, it doesn't make it sound louder per se, but you can get a few Hz lower out of your box. It does work, but only on sealed boxes, if you have ported or bandpass boxes don't even waste your time with it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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