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still got those fab coils!!

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looking to get rid of them they are 3.5 fabtech coils for a 4cyl tacoma from 95-04 2wd looking for 100 obo dont be scared to offer i need them gone or if u have anything to trade for them let me know thanks
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they are for a 95-04 tacoma 4cyl 2wd only 5 lugg models and well what do u have to trade?something for my truck also depends on how much for the shipping but i dont think so
They come with the upper arms too?
no not the uca u can run the stock ones on them
Can I see a picture of them? If you can run the stock arm with them i may be wanting to buy them...
let me take a pic of them tomorrow ill send them to u tomorrow and u can ask any anybody about running the stock uca on them
are these coils used or in good condition? how much would shipping be to phoenix arizona 85027
I will be in Lake Perris and santa monica this weekend guys! So if anyone from Phoenix wants these I can pick them up for ya! Just PM me before hand. I'll be back sunday night.
srq they r in tampa for 100 dood
Whatchu talking bout pat? Id jump on them in a sec if they were.
got some stockie wheels trade or a campershell you could sell or got some tires that can be sold or trade some and pay some?
what kind of shocks would be ideal to run with these coils?
quick update...Him and I are due to meet and do a swap on some parts for the coils, I'm 99% sure it's a done we just have to meet. (was supposed to happen last weekend, but we're both pretty busy)

btw tacokid, I think FT makes a shock that's recommended for use with these coils)
dangggggggit so beefed the coils are yours? :doah:
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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