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Squeaky pully

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one of my pullys is squeaking like crazy and i cant get it to stop i tried WD40 and it only goes away for a day then comes back how can i make it stop?
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Do you know what pulley it is? Power steering, a/c, alternator, idler, tensioner...? If WD-40 fixes it momentarily I would say the bearing for that pulley is going bad. Try checking the the torque of the bolt to the puley and moving the pulley and checking for a lot of freeplay in it. Careful with spraying WD-40 on your pulleys, especially your alternator and a/c pulley. WD-40 will ruin an alternator and could cause the clutches of the a/c compressor to slip. Can also be bad for the belts and cause them to slip.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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