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so wheres all the super size tacos?

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just wondering. i'll soon post pics of sikk ass monster taco's from hawaii.
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YEEAAAAHHHH! I'd like to see some mudslingers, too!
You see my frame layin' Taco is for sale... what do you think I've got on my wish list once it's sold...!

Wow! Serious culture jump, huh? :) Rock on!
yeah where are they all! Guess I'll have to go back to TTORA.
Well, here's my mud slinger from FL

nice site you guys got here, we'll have to do some cross polinization with you guys.
BTW, all your 4x4's are over at
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Here's my little Taco.

<p align="center">

<p align="left">
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Wow..sweet truck. That photo really shows the scale of your truck next to that little 2wd. How many inches of lift is that?

Have you had many body dropped trucks park under you or is your wheelbase too short?
Yeah I have had some lowered Eclipse's and Taco's under it, but they can only go so far unless I take off my driveshaft and I don't want to do that!

It is about 20" of lift and it was about 6" taller, but I got about 3 fix it tickets and just dropped it because of all the harrasment the CHP was giving me!

<div align="center"><center>

<table border="0" width="600" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="50%" align="center">
<td width="50%" align="center"><font face="Verdana">97 V6 Tacoma Extra Cab

6&quot; Trailmaster Suspension<big>

</big>(11.5&quot; Total Lift)

Swayaway Adjustable Coilovers

3&quot;PA Body Lift

38.5x 14.5 15 SS TSL SX's

AE 15x10's

Flowmaster Exaust

Xenon Flares

Downey Rubicon Shackles<big>

</big>AllPro Extreme RockSliders<big>

</big>Rockstomper Quick Disconnects

4.88 Precision Gears

<font color="#FF0000">Coming Soon</font> Alcan Leaf Packs</font></td>
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Hey, I was cruising around the 'net and found this KICK AZZ Double cab!
<a target="_blank" href=>Check it out here</a>

Hey Shawn... if you're rompin' around in here, I give you a "Supersize" Thumbs up!! kidding: that is one bad ass truck. Hopefully Shawn is lurking around here somewhere...
nope he lurks on the TTORA board.
Have you seen Shawn's truck now? WOW, He 4 linked the front and put a solid axle underit with huge coils. Holy lift.
hey where can find some sweet rims for some tires sized...35X13.5X16, they gotta be 16in though
Any rim shop. Get some chrome or billet wheels if your into looks. If you're offroading, you may not want something too expensive. Is this "THE" BURNT TACO from MT? Can't be!!!!
no, this is the new BURNT TACO from the big VA
Did you buy the burnt taco or is this just your screen name?
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