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so internal wastegate

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so im almost ready to build my turbo kit got a welder, some pipe, a flange, boots etc... any way atuck on turbo yea yea save money buy a good one heard that well not rich so i gotta go used 20 acre junkyard in my town should find one i would think lol any way what im asking is what is wrong with a internal wastegate iv not seen one truck on here that has one to me it would be much easier to build i got a 96 dodge ram with 250,000 miles on it and the turbo that came on it new no rebuild and the wastegate never once gave me any troubles so to me it would be easier and more reliable imo what are your thoughts ct world
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That you shouldnt buy junkyard turbos...

Im running an internal and have no problems
internal wastegate is fine .. junkyard turbo is not:doah: yeah you could get a junkyard turbo, and it might hold up for a long time.. or it might let loose after 10 miles.. you never know.. however, your chances of finding a turbo well suited for your taco in a junkyard are slim to none:waytogo:

well i figure rebuilding a $50 junkyard turbo and a rebuild would be cheaper then a $900 brand new im only going to mabye 6 psi so im not even running a ic enough people said that i dont need one so gonna avoid that one and also was looking at my truck today theres a hose that runs from the intake pipe right before the tb that then goes underneath and hooks into the bottem of the tb what do you do with that when you run your charge pipe into the tb i unhooked it today and it shut the motor off:doah:sorry i usually deal with carbs not fuel injection thats whay i wanna do this to learn
Whew... First off could you please use SOME punctuation. My god is it hard to read your stuff. And about the turbos, I know a distributor that will sell you a nice Bullseye (Borg) T3 turbo for a shade over $600 which should be pretty ideal. So don't think you have to spend a grand on one.

And as far as the internal wastegated turbo's go, I couldn't find any good ones that were under a grand. So I went with the external setup. Externals seem to be better too if you ever decide to turn up the boost.
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