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Skid Plates

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I have aluminum skid plates on my four wheeler. Does anyone know of a company that sells an after market skid plate(s) for our Tacoma's? The stock ones remind me of armor plating on a tank. Would be a nice weight saving off the front suspension.

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I went to my local sheet metal company a while back.

They said make a template out of cardboard (with bolt holes) and they could bash one out of the scrap they had lying around for very little.
Alu, steel, chequerplate, whatever, I could choose the material.

Then if you want to get fancy you could buy a hole saw from your local DIY store and drill out bits to make it look nice/save weight.

Just an idea.
Thanks Bro,

I figured since I couldn't find anything on line and no one responded to my post that there isn't anything commercially made out there. It does amaze me that I can find aluminum pieces for my quad (thick skid plates, tube bumpers, nerf bars...) but no one makes a skid plate for a truck.:shrug: I know its not as strong as a steel plate but if you know your not going out rock crawling but still want some protection, the weight savings and looks of aluminum that someone would make one for us urban 4x4 Toyota owners.

So with that said I guess I'm going to remove my skid plates, to include the one on the transfer case, and head for the local sheet metal shop and make my own. I'll post some pics when all is complete.
Hmm, plenty of stainless ones out there.
Can't find any ally ones though.

Here's what I found incase you want to enquire...
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