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is there a big difference between the 205-40-17 and the 215-40-17?
does anyone have, or is there any sites i can find a pic of the 215-40-17? thanx
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it's basicly the same, its just the 215 is a little wider.
its a little wider and would the series be a little higher(thicker)?
I put 205/40r17 on my truck. The wheels are 7" wide and the sidewall of the tires sits flush with the rim. The only considerable difference is the price of the tire really and that probably isn't but a few bucks.
I'm thinking that a 7.5" (wide) wheel looks best with 205 rubber while 8" and 8.5" go well with 215 tires. I don't have any facts to back this up, this is just what I've seen some people do.
I'm running 215/45/17 on mine. The wheel is a size 7.5 in width. I personally would like to go with a 50 series tire, but they're about $50 to $100 more per tire. What a difference!
Actually, in a general sense, 205's on 7" is fine. add .5" for every 10 mm, and you're safe, i.e. 215 on 7.5, 225 on 8, 235 on 8.5, etc...

The tire mfg's site will give you accepted wheel widths for the size tire you want.

I've had 225's on 8.5" wheels, and the rim was outside of the wheel. My S-Runner has 235's on 6.5" wide wheels, and looks HORRIBLE.. All ******* looking...
here's what a 245/45/17 looks like on an 8" rim....sidewall is just a little beyond rim edge. <img src=><img src=>
Hairytaco man, how is your turning radius with the wide tires?
nothing rubs...but I haven't lowered the front either. These tires are only 10mm wider than the stock S-Runner rubber, but quite a bit stickier. The rims are 1.5" wider though, and offset mostly inward. The wheels stick out only about 1/4" more than the stockers.
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